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Get Into College: Persuasive Essay Topics

Step 3. PROOF   Reread what you’ve written.   Punctuation. Grammar. Spelling. Double check it all to remove errors. Ask for help if you’re unsure.   Read aloud. Check for readability. If you stumble as your read it, then you

Writing Your College Admissions Essays: Step 2

Step 2. REVISE   I pride myself on being great at revising, which is good because my first drafts often suck, and I’m a professional published writer. Keep this in mind and give yourself a break. (-;   Revisit and

Personal Statement Help: Step 1

Step 1. BRAINSTORM   Bring it! The college admissions process is a competitive process. You need to fight for a spot at the college of your choice. Bring your A game to paper. You need to be real and yourself,

Three Steps to Write Your College Essay with Ease

Part II. Writing Now that you have chosen your topic and prepared yourself to begin writing, you need to master three steps to successfully get through the writing process with less stress and more success. Here they are:   BRAINSTORM

How to Come Up with Winning College Essay Ideas

Part I. Preparation Are you struggling and straining trying to come up with college essay ideas that will make you stand out to college admissions officers at the university or college of your choice? You need to be clear on