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In case you haven’t notice school has started and now is the time for juniors and seniors who are preparing for college to get in gear. Time management is critical now because this is the time you will be filling out so many applications, forms, essays, etc. They all have a cutoff time or deadline. It is imperative that every student who is interested in college purchase a calendar big enough to write information inside the date. Hang the calendar up so family members can see what is going on as well just in case they have to remind you of some important deadline that is looming around the corner.

This simple guide is a mean to keep you on track but please be aware the months and time listed could or has change. Chances are if you use the calendar and make good use of your time the college preparation will be smooth sailing. Managing your time during your senior year will be critical since you will have the prom, senior trips and a host of other things. If for any reason you may feel overwhelmed or stressed please inform your parents or your counselor for added help.


September– Meet with school counselor, career specialist or graduation coach ( meeting should address how to get financial aid, searching for scholarships, and testing dates for PSAT)

October– Take the test for PSAT (prepares you for the SAT)

November – Start researching for private and government financial aid

December– Probably receive results from PSAT – Sign up for ACT (319-337-1270ph) test which is in February

January – Make a list of colleges you may be interested in

February – Sign up for the SAT (866-756-7346) test which is in March – Go over the list of colleges with your counselor

March– Visit college campuses – Take SAT – Keep researching for scholarships, especially local ones

April– Should sign up for May/June SAT – Take ACT – Look for summer job

May– Attend college fairs and ask questions about financial aid, curriculum, student life, etc – Volunteer – Enroll in a local college for a class – Make your summer count, do constructive things

June– Take ACT

July/August – Work on your resume – Write for private scholarships applications – Make copies of all documents and date them – Build a portfolio, now is the time to brag about oneself, if you can dance-video tape, if you can write-put samples together, begin to show your personality, now you will be prepare just in case a college needs these types of things – Practice writing your essays while you are not in school, senior year will be very busy – Practice time management skills so you will not feel overwhelm when you are a senior – Contact for example dance directors of colleges you would like to attend and inquire about dance scholarships


September – Meet with guidance counselor and career coach to talk about your scores from last year tests – Talk about financial aid with parents and guidance counselors – Sign up for the ACT in October or for the SAT – Check your transcript and medical records for errors and make sure they are updated – Begin to write to colleges for applications – Get your recommendations from teachers, employers, coaches, etc (Give ample time for them to do the recommendations) – Pick up a copy of CSS Profile Registration Guide from your counselor – Give all forms that colleges require and follow up to make sure the letters are mailed on time.

October – Begin to send in applications – Go to college fairs to narrow choices – Make sure test scores and transcripts have been sent out and received by the college – Check over your essays – Continue to make copies of everything and date them

November– File for FAFSA at http://www.fafsaonline.com

December– File for the last of college applications – If you file for early decision you should have your answer by now

January– Tell guidance counselor to send in your transcript of grades to colleges you are applying to – Finish up the work on FAFSA with your parents, no later than February 1

February/March– Review your SAR (Student Aid Report), if you have not received it yet within 4 weeks of filling out FAFSA please call 1-800-4FED-AID – If you have errors in any of your applications please fix immediately

April – Should receive reward letters for financial aid – Finalize your decision on what school you are going to – Notify other colleges of your decision (whether you accept or decline)

May– Get all funds ready for school tuition – Complete housing/meal plan if you are staying on campus – If you are in AP Program, take AP exams

June – Request your school send in final transcript to the college you will be attending – Notify the college of your private funding or grants you will or have received – Enjoy your graduation, the parties, the gifts

Denise L. Jackson is a Certified Life/Career Coach and a Certified Green Consultant. She has worked in the banking and finance industry for more than 15 years training interns and new graduates. She decided to embark on a new career coaching teens and young adults and soon started Enhance My Skills, an e-mentoring/e-coaching online company preparing teens and young adults for the marketplace. Quickly afterward she created Mo-Active Learning Series which is a series of workbooks that combines motivation, activation and skill building for the marketplace. Denise also has a heart


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