how to get into a good college

Singling out one college as the best photography college for everyone is near impossible. Choosing a photography college is a very personal process, with each of many factors playing an influential role in the college decision process. With so many top photography colleges, it’s difficult to define one as the best fit for all photography students – select the one that is perfect for you. Think about your personal lifestyle, needs, wants, and budget. The college that best fits your overall situation is the ideal college you should select. Keep in mind scholarship and internship opportunities at the top photography colleges, as these can give you a good look at what your future career in the field of photography will look like.

Location, location, location. Choose a photography college in a location that inspires you – after all, design is all about creativity. If you are inspired by nature and its landscape, choose a photography college in a more rural area to get your imagination juices flowing. If you prefer a livelier atmosphere, choose a college in a more bustling urban city center. Think about your personal preferences and comfort level when considering the location of your photography college.

The strength and quality of the photography program and faculty should be one of your top concerns, naturally. Get a good sense of the types of courses you might be taking by browsing the college’s course catalog – choose the photography college that speaks to you as a student, and where you will learn and perform your best. If you have a specific interest that you want to focus your study on, select colleges that emphasize those subjects.

If you prefer a broader approach to photography, choose a photography program with a strong integrated curriculum.

Also to consider are the photography colleges non-academic activities, which you may want to pursue: these may include social clubs, sports teams, and volunteer activities. All of these non-academic programs enhance your overall experience – your photography courses are only a part of the total time you will spend at photography college. Keep in mind that the best photography college for you is the college that meets all your needs, both academic and otherwise!

Getting into a photography college is a major milestone in your life as you begin an exciting career. Make sure you choose the best photography college for you based on what you personally want to get out of it.

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